Updated PHPMailer (2017-12-05)

Updated PHPMailer to v6.0.2.

Moved history (2017-10-24)

I moved the text about the history of the site from this blog page to a separate History page.

Added spinner (2017-10-11)

On the Add ISIN and Improve ISIN pages, I added a spinner as wait indicator during search.

Added copy to clipboard (2017-10-09)

On the convert and fix pages (e.g. Convert CUSIP to ISIN), I added the option to copy the result to your clipboard.

Result mining test (2017-09-24)

In the week that the Monero miner has been running on the site as a test, it has produced ~0.18 USD worth of Monero. Maybe in the future, with a whole lot more visitors or a higher price of Monero, it could be a viable alternative to ads. For now, a few clicks on ads per week would be more profitable. Test complete, miner removed.

Updated PHPMailer (2017-09-23)

Updated PHPMailer to v6.0.1.

Test mining instead of ad (2017-09-17)

I started a test by replacing the ad on the homepage with CoinHive's javascript Monero miner. It's set to idle 80% and will not run if you are using a mobile device, to not cause problems. If this turns out to be too high, I will adjust it (or completely remove it). I do think it might be a less-obtrusive alternative to ads on the website, but if you disagree, let me know.

Added statistics (2017-09-14)

Added some statistics (total number of ISINs, SEDOLs and WKNs in the database) to the page Latest ISIN Additions. These numbers are calculated in real-time.

Fixed tables on mobile devices (2017-08-31)

The search result table and the Latest ISIN Additions are now displayed correctly on mobile devices.

Bugfixes and better search (2017-08-28)

Some small bugs have been fixed. The search for correct data when adding or improving an ISIN has been improved and enhanced. A spinner or some other wait indicator during search is on the to-do list. For now, just press Search and wait, the search really works.

Latest ISIN Additions (2017-08-26)

Added the page Latest ISIN Additions that shows the 50 most recent ISIN codes that have been added to the database.

Live! (2017-08-21)

The new site is now live! It has been created with mini.css (a lightweight CSS framework) and vanilla Javascript (no jQuery library), resulting in a website that loads fast. If you encounter any errors, please use the contact form to let me know.