Latest ISIN Additions

Name of SecurityISINLast Update
1.75 Queensl 34 BdsAU00000794022020-02-28
2% New South Wales Treasury Corp. (2033)AU3SG00020822020-02-28
ADB 14% 05/03/2021 (TRY)XS21285018762020-02-28
BNPParibas 3,31% 27/02/2040 (AUD)FR00134854302020-02-28
BNPParibasIssu 01/04/2030 UniCredit (EUR)FR00134837082020-02-28
BNPParibasIssu 04/03/2030 Series 853 Preference shares of the BNP Paribas Synergy (USD)XS20742166932020-02-28
BNPParibasIssu 08/07/2024 BNP Paribas DR Alpha ex-Agriculture and Livestock Index (USD)XS20754971102020-02-28
BNPParibasIssu 24/02/2023 Ordinary A-shares of Zhejiang Supor Co (USD)NL00135459572020-02-28
BNPParibasIssu 29/04/2030 Bkt of Shares (EUR)FR00134869412020-02-28
BNPParibasIssu 29/04/2030 Total (EUR)FR00134869332020-02-28