Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ISIN?

ISIN stands for International Securities Identification Number (ISO 6166), which is a 12-character code that identifies a financial security, such as a stock or a bond.

Can I apply for an ISIN on this website?


Where can I apply for an ISIN?

In locales where a National Numbering Agency (NNA) recognised by the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) operates, this organisation issues the ISIN for securities whose issuer is registered or domiciled in the country where the NNA operates. For debt securities the NNA who issues the ISIN is either one of the international securities clearing organisations or the responsible NNA in accordance with ISO 6166.
In the case of those countries where no NNA exists, a substitute agency allocates the number.
An example of an NNA is Euroclear.

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Do you have more detailed information about stock X, bond Y or ISIN Z?

No. What you see, is what I have. If you need more detailed information, you will have to find it somewhere else.

Can you look up the CUSIP/ISIN/SEDOL/WKN for stock X?

Yes, for a small fee. Or you can use the search function yourself, for free!

Can I send you a list of stocks I need the ISIN for, so I don't have to look them up myself?

Yes, for a small fee. Or you can use the search function yourself, for free!

Can you implement (some of) the functionality available on this site on my organization's intranet?

Yes, for a fee. Contact me.

I like your work! Can I hire you for a similar project?

Yes, contact me.

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Yes, contact me.

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Vimexx, located in The Netherlands.