Back in 2013, I started isincode.org because I needed to look up some ISIN codes and check their validity. I also added some tools to calculate check digits and to convert CUSIPs into ISINs. Since I thought other people might find the tools useful, I put the site online. A few months later, I sold the site. Unfortunately, the new owner wasn't interested in the site. He just wanted the domain name for SEO purposes. So I rebooted the site, this time using the isincodes.net domain.

In May 2016, I again sold the site (it's not my core business, it's a tool and keeping the database up-to-date is a lot of work) and the old site still exists at isincodes.net. Unfortunately, the new owner isn't updating the database and added an annoying email registration.
In August 2017, more than a year later, I rebooted the site yet again and updated and improved everything. The site should be faster and have more features. More than 100,000 ISINs have been added as well (note that the number of ISINs displayed at isincodes.net isn't real!).

To help maintain the database, I'm counting on you, the visitors. Adding a new ISIN to the database should now be easier and faster because of a built-in search function that searches the internet for the correct name, SEDOL and WKN. This is new, so expect bugs. It's also possible to 'improve' an existing search result.
Enjoy the new site and I hope you'll find it useful again.